Microsoft Excel Consulting Services
Our consulting services best suit Long Island business owners and managers who:
Need a short term boost to get their growing business to the next level Worry about an important, one-time project they just don’t have time for
Have standard, repetitive processes that would benefit from automation

Customization is at the heart of our philosophy at Cerullo Consulting Company. We sit down with each client and discover their most pressing business challenges. Then, we create a plan that uses Microsoft Excel and other tools to simplify the work. Call Cerullo Consulting Company today for a free consultation.

Excel Project Contracting: We will customize Excel files for you, to make data collection and analysis easy. Consistent formatting, simple interfaces and efficient methods will reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, to free you up to make more revenue!

Beyond Excel:

We also offer corporate training in topics such as:

MS Office: Word, PowerPoint, Access | HTML | HR Compliance| Business Skills: Effective Business Writing, Effective Presentations, Business Growth and Development, Sales Training

Supply Chain: Using LEAN and 6 Sigma processes, we will help you redefine your Supply Chain to ensure maximum efficiency from Supplier to Customer.

Cost Reduction: Negotiating the lowest Total Cost of Ownership includes not only a low price, but a constantly improving supply chain. We will use fact-based decision making to build the right sized vendor base for your business, and ensure their performance is consistently monitored; which will let you decide how to run your business from the numbers, not just your heart.

Web Apps: We will work with your team to clearly define and implement tools to run your business more efficiently, with access to data throughout the enterprise.

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